About Camel Trophy

For over 20 years, Camel Trophy was one of the most spectacular and popular Rallies on earth. Every man dreamt of taking part, driving through desserts and jungles, getting bitten by musquitos, breaking their arms and leggs…and still be the happiest boys on earth! Each year thousands of people went through the pre-qualifications and only a few were allowed to represent their country each year. The event was mainly sponsored by Landrover but stopped in 2000 when people travelled themselves more over the world than 20 years before.

Camel Trophy was also the popular brand for outdoor clothes and watches which identified with the rough and toughness of the Rally. Unfortunaely the marketing guys put the Brand in the basement untill we discovered it and want to revive it. We have the legal Rights for Europe. Please contact us with your ideas of cooperation!

All pictures from Open License Agreement Youtube