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This shake is a healthy, wholesome powdered meal with proteins, fibers, omega3, coconutoil etc. It was developed by a nutritionist and a missionary who wanted to change the world into a better place...and still want too! It 's quick to prepare, affordable and easy to use when you don't have time to prepare a full meal and no kitchen around.


Office and Study
Need some energy to get through the day? Quick, simple and nutritious. What do you want more?
Outdoor & Survival tested
Great for camping;
Lightweight and hassle free nutritious meals!
Save money
A complete, healthy and nutritious meal for less than € 2,-. Save your money for a new car, healthier than a daily Pizza and your parents should loooove us for that!
Save time
It takes a minute to mix a meal, no shopping, no hunting cows, no cooking or wonder if this is „healthy“. Take a minute to calculate how many hours you save in a decade!
100% Complete Nutrition
Perfectly mixed to provide the healthy balanced diet with every vitamin and mineral your body needs with each meal (by three meals a day).

Oatmeal, whey-protein concentrate, ground flaxseed, creamer (glucose, coconutoil, acid regulator; potassium phosphate, milk protein, emulsifier: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, separating agent: silicium dioxide), maltodextrin, matcha (green tea), flavour, guar gum, sweetener; sucralose, contains: gluten, other milkproducts

Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional Value Ø 1 Portion / 100 g
Energy 1694 kJ / 403 Kcal
Fat 12,6 g
of which satured 7,6 g
Proteins 26,3 g
Carbohydrates 41,2 g
of which sugars 26,3 g
Fibers 10 g
Salt 0,3 g
(Over-)Dosis and Use

One package contains one meal, add the content of one package  to 400 ml of water , SHAKE IT don't STIRR, ready to drink after 5-10 minutes.

One meal is enough for office workers or students with normal posture. The first days you might feel unsatured or the opposite. For fysical workers we recommend an intake of SOME extra calories recommended by a doctor or nutritionist.

It can be used in certain ammounts to loose or gain weight.


For a healthy lifestyle we recommend to eat various foods generaly known as „healthy“, to excersise, have three meals a day, brush your teeth (if you still have), Don't give this to animals, don't eat the package. Please consult your doctor for longtime use of this product and also ask if it would be better to eat pizza instead. We also recommend to take care of your physical and fysical health, a psychiatrist might help. Don't sue us and believe in the one and only almighty God.This website is not related to, not endorsed by and has no connection with Worldwide Brands, Inc ("WBI") who are (for now) the trademark owners of the CAMEL TROPHY trademark.